Study MBBS in Russia | Medical study in Russia

Several benefits of study MBBS in Russia

Procedure of Admission

– We make admission process in Universities very simple for you, you just need to provide us the required documents from the list and we will manage the rest of arranging and fetching invitation from the college for you.

No Entrance Exam

– This is the best part of studying MBBS from Russia, there is no entrance exam. All admissions are made on merit basis of academics only. So you need not prepare and face undue pressure of entrance exams and its results.

Cost of Living

MBBS in Russia especially is very cheap, course fees are very low as compared to India and most of facilities like transportation and recreation are at subsidized rates for students. Cost of living for students is very low in all respect.

Lower Tuition Fees

– Russian government aims at providing education for all aspirants in lowest cost possible. Course quality and fees it being monitored by the government, even government provides various grants to students and universities for the same.

Global Top University Ranking

– Many MBBS universities in Russia has been given high ranks in Europe and across the Globe. More than 10 universities are among top 100 ranks in Europe.

Universal degree acceptance

MBBS degrees from Russian universities are accepted worldwide and are recognized by major organizations like MCI, WHO, FAIMER and UNESCO.

English Medium of education

– All major universities provide education in English Language, it makes it very easy for students to understand and communicate with lecturers.

Cultural diversion and No Racism

– Being a secular nation there is no biasness due to culture, moreover there is not racism according to ethnics, caste, origin etc. This makes study environment very safe and favorable.

Earn while study

– Students can engage themselves to part time jobs and even practice in Medical Clinics of their universities to earn extra and get hands on exposure.

Discounts over basic necessities

– Students get huge discounts over travelling, cinemas, restaurants and other sports activities; this makes the recreational expenses very low.

High Acceptance rate

– Acceptability of Indian students in Russia is very high, almost 98% of aspirants get through the invitation and visa process.

Hostel and Mess facility

– Universities provide all basic facilities in Hostel with mess facility; Mess and canteens also server Indian food as many Indians enroll for MBBS courses.