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Russia beholds a unique identity in terms of being the largest country of the world covering almost 1/7th of the total existing land on the planet. Moreover the country is known to share its border with 14 different countries of the world namely Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Finland, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the China, Mongolia and North Korea. Adding to this, its distinctiveness is beautifully reflected through its rich heritage, cultural diversity, incredible literacy rate, comfortable climatic zone and vibrant lifestyle with comfortable living.


Russia with a population of about 143 million residents takes pride in the richness and authenticity of its cultural heritage. Rich history infused with influential arts, winning literature strengthens the dominance of the country on the world map. The residents are people from various ethnic groups following their respective religions that mainly encompass Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. Though the official language is Russian, there are approximately 100 languages spoken across the Russian boundaries with Tatar and Ukrainian being at the topmost in the list of language minorities. Talking about art and craft, the beauty and uniqueness of painted nesting doll, decorated lacquer boxes and the Khokhloma folk art are extremely mesmerizing.


Russia is known to have a strong economic structure standing at the eight position of the world’s strongest economy. The mineral resources of the country make the major contribution to the gross national per capita income with coal and petroleum reserves being on the highest.  Other important industries ruling the economy there include timber, machinery, medical instruments, textiles and ship building.

Over the years Russia has experienced great improvements in 10 economic freedoms, pushing its economic freedom score to 51.9. The key spheres of improvements are considered to be controlled and managed government expenditure, trade freedom, labor freedom, investment freedom, business freedom, monetary freedom and most importantly freedom from corruption. Furthermore, the GDP of the country has witnessed an estimated increase of 3.4% and 1.8% on 5 year compound annual growth. In the years, profound changes have also been witnessed in reduced poverty rates and regional disparities alongwith increased literacy rates. Furthermore, the venturing of major multinational companies and corporate companies into the land has given a dramatic boost to the economic growth.


Climate of Russia is temperate continental because of its enormous size and dense configuration. The winters are long and cold whereas the summer season is warm and brief with wide ranges in their respective temperatures. Winters record a temperature range of 6° C with the lowest record of -71° C. The mountain ranges structured in the south region act as an obstruction to the inflow of warm winds originating from the Indian Ocean. However, average temperature in summer season is about 20° C. The country also experiences moderate amount of precipitation that stays highest in the northwest with about 53 cm of precipitation and lowest in the southeast with about 20 cm.


With a vibrant lifestyle, Russia offers a host of accommodation options for residents, travelers and also foreign students. Accommodation for students range from a simple yet thrilling host family option to an affordable compartment on individual rent basis. Staying with a host family gives a plethora of opportunities to discover the lifestyle, culture, tradition and language of the country. It gives a feeling of harmony amidst cultural diversity. Then there are hostels in the university campuses to ensure quality time of learning whilst having a comfortable stay.


Russia as of today is an inspiring combination of eastern culture and western tradition. It would be good enough to say that it’s an infusion of many important cultures and civilization profoundly influenced by technology, politics, arts and trade. In short, Russia is a beautiful country to stay and a wonderful destination for literature and arts.