Raising the Bar of MBBS Education

At this juncture where the quest for quality education is at its peak, it is very important to discover the depths of educational reforms. Nowadays, education has gone much beyond the essentialities of a graduate degree. Post graduate and master degree in engineering, medical, management, fashion designing and several others have become the talk of the town. What matters the most is finding the right university for the degree one desires to attain.


Conversing about medical education, the first word that strikes the mind is ‘Russia’. Hallmarking new milestones with supportive government, high quality standards of education, and innovative teaching methodologies, Russia is miles ahead in providing unparalleled medical education. Amidst this undisputed leadership, MBBS Russia beholds a prominent position striving to bring forth a spectrum of medical programs, medical courses and medical universities at a sensible cost and convenience.


Appreciative Testimony

Till date we have successfully boarded many students from India to Russia giving flight to their dreams and high returns on their education investment. The complete list of students is the live testimony that speaks for the escalating name and prominence of MBBS Russia in the global education market.


As of today, we take sheer privilege in offering the kind of MBBS consultancy we do. Starting from revealing a complete spectrum of options to the final convocation, we are there with you at each step. Apart from getting admissions in the desired medical college and university, we ensure that you experience a memorable and splendorous stay amidst the cosmopolitan culture and lifestyle of Russia.

Ruling Vision

MBBS Russia upholds the vision of a futuristic outlook and strives to create its own benchmark in the global education industry. With phenomenal enthusiasm, dedication, and passion, we aim at creating a strong and interactive platform for the medical students so as to help them attain MBBS in Russia. Furthermore, we constantly nurture our relationship with aspiring students keeping them aware of new educational openings and opportunities. To mention about our work culture, we work on the principles of cost-efficiency and time-efficiency making no compromises on ethics, authenticity or transparency.


Distinctive Identity

The educated team of professionals imbued with the perfect combination of knowledge, culture and virtue has been able to create a distinctive identity. Over the years we have productively been working towards:

  • MBBS Consultancy: We provide in-depth counseling to students so as to foster the need to make the right selection of program, college and university. Our consultancy also takes care of discussing their financial issues so that the desire of attaining a degree in Russia does not become a pressurized burden.
  • Visa Support: We provide strong support to all students for visa stamping from the Russian Embassy. While they are busy preparing for their educational voyage to Russia, we ensure to help them with all visa and passport requirements.
  • Connecting Bridge: As students get indulged in their studies, our team of professionals starts to act as a connecting bridge between them and their family abroad. The connection is also created with other foreign students so as to establish good contacts between as many as possible students from outside Russia.