Why Russia

Why Study MBBS in Russia

Due to very high number of aspirants for MBBS in India and very less number of seats available in government colleges in India, Russia has recently become a hotspot for Indian students aspiring to study Medical Courses. Studying there is very cheap with respect to USA or any other major European countries. In contrary to India where students need to make a hefty donation apart of massive tuition fees to be paid in private college, there is no donation culture in their universities. More over education is government regulated, and Russian federation has highly subsidized all higher education fees of the colleges; apart of this various grants and subsidies are given by government to the universities to make the fees at the lower side of higher education. With this help of government MBBS fees in Russia is very affordable. Government also gives various scholarships to the students if they clear their tests and competitions which is conducted time to time, Indian students can make use of it by participating and clearing to lower their academic fees. Best part of studying there is that there are no entrance exams for taking admission in any State college or any Private College.  Student just need to apply for the college with the required academic documents and after screening college sends the invitation to student for taking admission in their college. This makes taking admission extremely easy and without any extra pressure of competitive exams and waiting for results.

Russian higher education system has been rated 13th best in the world and 8th best in Europe, which makes it ideal place to study. All major organizations like Medical Council of India (MCI), World Health Organisation (WHO), FAIMER, and UNESCO accept the degrees issued by State Universities or any other Private Universities. From more than 170 countries, nearly 2 lacs students visit to study there. More over acceptance rate of colleges in Russia is 98% which is fairly very high as compared to any other country.

Russia being an ally politically, having very low crime rate and no biasness against different caste, religion, ethnic and color, it is very safe place to live in. Indians enjoy equal status as their own residents. Most of the Indians get involve themselves in part time jobs also which helps them cover their day to day expenses and hostel fees. It also has a minority community of Indians who have permanently settled there, seeing this many Indians tend to learn Russian language during study programs and practice medical profession there itself.

It is a secular nation, they have no objection to follow any religion, apart of Christianity as a major religion, Muslim and Hindu religions are also followed by major chunk of population of Russia. They even have ISKCON organization which preaches and work on imparting awareness of Lord Krishna.

For Indians cost of living in Russia is equivalent to India, in around Rs 15,000 to 20,000 per month all the expenses can be covered very easily with recreation services. Average cost of hostels for international students comes to around Rs 3,000 to Rs 6,000 which most of colleges include in their fees itself. MBBS course fees in Russia ranges from Rs 2,00,000 to 4,00,000 depending upon the type and ranking of college, this cost way too less as compared to India where it takes Rs 20,00,000 to 40,00,000 per year in private college. For living a healthy lifestyle there are lots of Cinema halls, Gyms, sports academies. Students get special discounts from travel tickets to recreational activities over their Identity Cards.

Major advantage for Indians in Russia is that they get the opportunity to study in English language; all professors in the colleges are equipped to take classes in English language also. But it is always  advised by colleges to take education in Russian language as it becomes easy to make cordial relation with lecturers and other students moreover they get the chance to take practical training by examining local medical clinics. This helps students earn extra money also.

Due to high intake of Indian students in the universities, the universities have made special arrangements of Indian food in hostel mess and canteens. Almost all universities have made such arrangements in their campuses. They provide clean hostel, and mess with Indian food. Some hostels are even equipped with kitchens than can be operated by the students also, so if any student wishes to prepare his or her own food it can be done without any hesitation. Universities take care of foreign students vary carefully and their need is being monitored and fulfilled as and when required. Hostels are equipped with TV for entertainment, Geyser for warm water, Internet for study and personal purpose, some recreational games and even gym.

Russia has very high medical facility standards, every student is covered under health insurance by government, so for any and all kind of expenses need to be made is done through insurance. Hospitals and clinical centers are equipped with latest machines and diagnostic devices for immediate diagnosis of disease and its cure. Any and all kind of cure can be traced and cured in the state and private hospitals through their qualified doctors 24 hours and all days in a week.