Going Beyond Education – MBBS Russia

‘Going beyond Education’ is what MBBS Russia strives for. Through an authentic platform of education and student-oriented model of business operations, we strive to provide world class education to students across the globe whilst emphasizing on their personal, moral and societal growth.

We act as a centralized global platform for students to interact and exchange opinions about their educational desires. We then put forth their desires on the perfect path by extending their vision of education and help them venture seamlessly into the most popular educational hub, Russia. Starting from making a conscious choice of just the right university to a smooth admission process alongwith visa support and international transfers, we take care of all and much beyond.

Though the list of education opportunities in Russia is way beyond but we at MBBS Russia specialize in catering to the needs of aspiring medical students. Superlative medical consultancy is our motto, our vision and our niche as well. Some of the key services offered by us under the field of medical education include:

Profound Counseling: Profound counseling offered by MBBS Russia entails changing students’ philosophies on medical education. We help students make the right selection of medical programs in the most appropriate Russian University. With the perfect understanding and evaluation of your needs and desires, we also provide assistance in selecting the session and academic structure alongwith the best options to explore for accommodation in Russia.

Student visa Help: Our friendly and conversant team of professionals is always on toes to help you with visa issues. Starting from filling the visa application and collecting the required documents to attending a visa interview and finally acquiring the visa, at every stage our professionals stand with you. We as a company hold an excellent success rate in helping our students acquire the student visa for admission in Russian Universities.

Admission Assistance: MBBS Russia works as a direct representative of the Russian Medical Universities. We work in synchronization with the management so as to deliver a commitment of quality service and quality education as well. We take care of the entire admission procedure starting from receiving the admission invitation letter. Thereafter, the process continues and so does our efforts in helping students submit the required documents, fulfill the admission formalities in Russia, apply for visa, travel bookings to Russia, airport pickup and making arrangements for accommodation in Russia. We still move further with our students till the final convocation day, gratifying all their desires throughout the span of the course period.

Services Offered by Us –

  • Career Counseling – Providing information about various courses offered in Russian MBBS universities and how obtaining degree abroad can shape aspirants future.
  • Colleges in Russia – Providing information about various colleges, their ranking, admission procedure, hostel and mess facility details, accreditation status in Indian, European nation and other major countries of the colleges. Helping to apply and get invitation letter.
  • Documents evaluation – We help you in preliminary evaluation of all the academic documents as per requirement of the university. We advice the colleges accordingly and inform you about any shortage or requirement of new documents to be prepared.
  • Document Preparation – Most important part of taking admission is preparation of documents, we will help you with any kind of attestation of documents, translations of all the documents as required, and clearing it for filing application.
  • Guidance in Application – We provide you full support in admission procedure, by informing you the required documents for the admission, arranging and checking the same as per college guidelines, and filing application in the University accordingly.
  • Arranging Finance – We give you full information about pre and post requirement of any and all finances required for application in medical course in MBBS College in Russia. We will even help you with arrangement of loans if required.
  • Visa Clearance – We will help you with arranging all the documents required for Visa, it is very critical part and application must be error free. We guide you with the application and help you get Visa at the earliest.
  • Travel Arrangements – We will help you with travel arrangements from India to Russia with airport transfers in both the countries and to your college. We also take care of any intermediary transfers like trains or domestic flights both the countries so that you face minimum hassle in unknown country.
  • Academic Progress – We keep track of your academic progress made in your college through regular feedback taken from college.
  • Collecting Certificate of Equivalence – We will help you obtain Certificate of Equivalence from the Ministry of Education by Russian Federation. The document is required to submit in Russian State Higher Education Centre.
  • Visa and Transfers for Parents – If any parent wishes to visit you there, we will help with Visa process and arranging flight reservations.

Important Disclaimer:

Imparting the complete spectrum of services to global students for their educational journey to Russia, we stay committed to maintain high standards of privacy and confidentiality. Under any circumstances, personal information, medical records, professional achievements and other essential details of students are not revealed to any third person without their consent.