frequently ask question before going to russia for MBBS

frequently ask question before going to russia for MBBS

Virtual Tour to the Universities of Russia

Russia is popularly known to be a country with many world leading universities offering the best of institutes to choose from. Students from all around are aiming to get into one of the Russian university and explore a whole new world of creation, passion and innovation.

Talking about the Russian universities, all are well-equipped with the latest technologies, advanced research equipments and skilled professionals beholding an acknowledged doctoral degree. The teaching professionals show extensive willingness and eagerness while imparting the right education whilst sharing the best of their knowledge, skills and real life experiences. Moreover, the costing and affordability is comparatively cheap as compared to the tuition fees in UK, USA and other popular destinations for education. the tuition fees of Russian Universities ranges from 2000 dollar to 5000 dollar with an added advantage of low cost accommodation and affordable living; altogether making a rewarding deal for students aspiring to pursue education in foreign universities.


Russia is certainly high on imparting quality education in all streams but in terms of medical education, the country has raised the bar of medical education. For students willing to pursue a MBBS degree in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, pediatrics, biochemistry, biophysics, cybernetics, gynecology or any other medical program, Russia has the world’s best universities. Affiliated to these universities are more than 50 medical colleges out of which about 30 are listed in the top 100 medical colleges of the world.


The best and the most thoughtful gesture followed by the Russian Federation is the availability of MBBS Courses in Russian and English. Russian being the National Language of the country is certainly to keep high on the mark and English being the International Business Language is the need of all foreign students. However, students can opt for their desired language and choose the medical program of their choice. Foreign students need not worry if they wish to enroll themselves for MBBS courses in Russia as universities offer an extra one year for imparting Russian language course.


To name a few, the top ranking  Russian Government Medical Universities are:

  • I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
  • Tver State Medical University
  • Orenburg State Medical University
  • Bashkir State Medical University
  • Altai State Medical University
  • Dagestan State Medical University
  • Smolensk State Medical University
  • Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
  • Kursk state medical University
  • Kazan state medical university
  • Ryazan State Medical University
  • Crimea Federal University
  • Northern State Medical University
  • Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University
  • Volgograd State University
  • Perm State Medical University
  • OMSK State Medical University
  • Syktyvkar State University
  • Mari State Medical University

Frequently Ask Question before going to Russia for MBBS

Ques: What are the key services offered by you?

Ans: We deal into medical education in Russia.

Ques: Are the universities recognized or affiliated by any educational council or any board?

Ans: Yes both the universities we are representing are world renowned medical universities affiliated by the Ministry of Higher Education of Russian Federation. These universities are also registered with the leading world organizations, WHO and UNESCO.

Ques: What is the duration of the medical program in Russia?

Ans: The duration of the program varies between 2 to 6 years depending on the field of science you choose to enroll for and also depending on the language of communication. If you choose Russian over the English language as a mode of communication, then you have to undergo one year of language course training in addition to the specified time span of the chosen medical program.

Ques: What are the essentials for seeking admission in the Russian medical university?

Ans:  There are no entrance exam as such for admission but the universities do take student assessment test to ensure that students enrolling for the medical course hold the basic knowledge to kick start their career in the field of medicine.

Ques: What are the criteria for eligibility for admission to these medical universities in Russia?

Ans: The key requisite for admission is the completion of 12th exam specialized in PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathemathics and Biology). Further to this, the criteria and the selection process are different for different university. However, we shall give you all the required details of the college you opt for and the in-depth details of the admission criteria to ensure a smooth transaction.

Ques: What are the tuition fees of Russian medical colleges?

Ans: The tuition fees of Russian medical colleges are very affordable. We at MBBS Russia will give you the complete details of the fees and payment policies of your chosen college.

Ques: Is learning Russian language mandatory?

Ans: No, learning Russian is not mandatory but will reap high benefits for you during you stay in Russia especially when you move ahead for internship. Further, it would be of great help in interaction with the local residents especially patients if you plan to search for a job there and think about applying for a work permit in Russia.

Ques: Can we apply for an educational loan?

Ans: Yes, you can apply for an educational load and we at MBBS Russia will help you get the same in a seamless manner. However, you can even opt for paying in installments. For further details, please do get in touch with us.

Ques: Is it important to apply for work visa?

Ans: Visa is an official ticket to any foreign country. All countries have their governing rules and policies and visa is one essential if you wish to visit any specific country. Student visa is also a ticket for students for acquiring education in Russia. However, we will help you fill the visa application form and also make the complete process hassle free for you.

Ques: What about starting a career in India after acquiring a medical degree in Russia?

Ans: Acquiring a medical degree is Russia is not just enough to kick start your career in your home country. You need to acquire the medical license from the Ministry of Higher Education of Russian Federation to work beyond the Russian boundaries.

Ques: Can we apply for a work permit after completing our MBBS program in Russia?

Ans: Yes, you can apply for a work permit. Infact even universities help you with job placement in Russia and other foreign countries as well.

Ans: Yes, you can certainly apply for permanent residency and citizenship of the Russian Federation but only after 2 years of regular stay in Russia. This is the guideline listed in the governing laws of the Russian Federation.

Ques: Are Russian degrees world recognized?

Ans: Yes, MBBS degree pursued in Russia is of global recognition and holds high value in the job market.

Ques: What are the options for accommodation in Russia?

Ans: You can live a comfortable and affordable life in Russia. There are many cost-effective accommodation options including university hostels, rented apartment and paying guest option. However, university hostels are the best options.