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Admission Process

Our admission process is easy and you just have to submit relevant documents to us and your admission to MBBS in Russia will be confirmed.

No Entrance Exam

To pursue MBBS in Russia, you do not have to sit for any Entrance exam. Admission is purely on merit basis without any pressure on student.

Low Cost of Living

Studying and living in Russia involves low cost expenditure which every student can easily manage. You can have an easy stay in Russia.

Subsidized Tuition Fees

Pursuing MBBS in Russia is a low cost affair as the government of Russia provides way to subsidized tuition fee for every student.

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Empowering Education with Passion and Enthusiasm

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, a popular saying by Benjamin Franklin clearly explains the essence of education. You can reap the benefits of a successful and joyful life if you make the right investment at the right time. Education being at a vantage point is one such stock of life that continue to rise and pump rewarding interest in the form of intellectual, emotional, social and moral development of the individual. What makes the real difference is choosing the best stocks for investment on education in terms of stream of interest, choice of university and options of educational institutes. That’s what MBBS Russia does; offering a global platform to unleash the best stocks for investment on education.

We mainly cater to the medical stream, offering gratifying consultancy services to attaining a doctoral degree through the top rated medical universities. With passion and enthusiasm we take you on a tour to high-quality MBBS Education in Russia. Come; take the flight with us to an educational trip to Russia!!!

Russia- The Perfect Destination for MBBS degree

Russia is a huge country with innumerable education prospects. However, it is considered one of the best destinations to pursue medicine. With vast pool of medical training institutes and colleges in the country, it is not at all an easy task to select the best option for you. With us, you can easily get all details like the list of medical colleges/institutes in the country, accommodation facilities, fee structure, faculty members and even the details of other courses that can be pursued along with medicine.

We also work carefully with medical institutes and colleges of Russia to give latest news and updates about various courses and their fee structure. Students and their parents can easily browse the different sections on our website to attain the information of the different aspects of studying medicine in the country.

Cost-effective Consultancy services

Our services are available at cost effective price and we aim to give 100% satisfaction to the students who aspire to become doctors after obtaining relevant information from our portal.

Expert team of professionals to attend all your queries

Through us, you can give your medical aspirations a new height as we give you the opportunity to select the best course for you by informing all the details required by you. We also specializes in creating a customized study package for you that you can avail at affordable cost. Parents can be rest assured when their kid is in safe hands with us. Our expert team members consult the students personally and design a suitable study package including all resources required to successfully complete the medicine course.

For all your MBBS career queries, kindly contact us and give us a chance to become your guide in shaping a bright future.

Belgorod State University - Medical Faculty

Belgorod State University is a premier university that includes unique education program in MBBS in Russia led by involvement of latest methods of technology.

Orenburg State Medical Academy

The capital of Orenburg that is Orenburg city which was earlier known as Chkalov city is the most thriving city of Russia.